Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunday Stills - Happiness is....

I know, I'm posting this on a Monday - I'm really bad at keeping up with everything at the moment - but didn't want to miss out on this one.
This week was an easy task and although I haven't had a chance to see what everyone else has posted for Sunday Stills, I am betting there will be lots of photos of family and loved ones. Me too! I love my boys more than anything and just knowing that they are safe and well is.... happiness. I've also included a few other things that make me happy.

angel of the north
No, not the Angel of the North, but my two sons - they are very shy and prefer not to be plastered on my blog, but they are there if you look close enough!

wild flowers 3980 R
Flowers and nature

sun 4083
Sunshine - puts everyone in a good mood

Obergurgle ski slope
One of my favourite things is snow, I only wish we got more than a light dusting in the winter. At least I have my holiday memories!

Banoffee Cupcakes 3322 R
And lastly, my love of food and photography makes me happy!